Style Send-Button-Tool-Bar with Fixed Positioning

It can be awkward when scrolling through lengthy email chains and quickly sending an email (or even composing one - the same issue occurs with the ‘reply’ textbox). Whilst the resolution previously was to use the hotkey shortcut of ctrl+enter, I think having a fixed toolbar would still make sense for the following cases:

  • Someone using a touchscreen laptop/device
  • Someone who has clicked out of the email conversation, so they are no longer focused (e.g. if they have another app/program open to cross-reference something, and want to use the mouse to quickly click ‘send’ without having to click on the Mailspring window; move their hand from their mouse to their keyboard; and then press ctrl+enter)
  • Some users may not be aware of the hotkey shortcut. Hotkeys are great for those who use them, but some users may not be aware of such features (or struggle to remember to use them/what they are). IMO, hotkeys should supplement a UX, not replace it
  • The toolbar with ‘send’ has other options, too, which may also be applicable. Therefore, having it fixed massively increases usability

Describe the solution you’d like
A fixed bar at the bottom of the ‘reading’ pane, showing the ‘Write a reply’ textbox, which - when selected - is replaced with a fixed toolbar showing the ‘send’ button, and other related buttons

(Originally posted by ohepworthbell on GitHub.)

When you reply to emails, you typically have to scroll down until the send-button is visible, before you can click it.

On this tool bar, where the send button is located, I’d like the option to make that whole bar fixed position, so that no matter where I’m at in the email-body, the send button is always visible and ready to be clicked without scrolling first.

(Originally posted by Lonniebiz on GitHub.)

I have an email thread with multiple long emails. While I try to forward that email, the send button comes way down. Sometimes its difficult find the send button.

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(Originally posted by patelom on GitHub.)

Other duplicate issues:

Yeah, I quite like the idea of a “fixed bar at the bottom of the ‘reading’ pane, showing the ‘Write a reply’ textbox”

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