Sub Folders With Gmail Account

Good Morning -

I love the layout and feel of Mail Spring. My only problem is I am not able to see my subfolders from gmail. Is that not an option for MailSpring?

You should have no problem seeing existing subfolders in the folder bar on the left - I certainly can! You can also manage your folders and subfolders within Mailspring.

If you’ve having problems, can you share a screenshot of what you see, as well as details of your operating system and version, Mailspring version and installation method? Then the devs have a better chance of seeing what the problem is.

It looks like I have it installed correctly. Has you can see in the screen shot under where it says Mary Kay I have sub folders under the and I am not seeing them in the app.

Actually it does look like the “Mary Kay” folder has the expand arrow to the left. You have to click this arrow, not the label itself, to expand it. (The label can have contents itself, so that you need to be able to access the labels as well as expand/collapse it.)

I am not seeing an arrow to the left… Just a pink line of how I color coded my mailboxes

I mean in the folder (label) list on the left, where you have the “Mary Kay” label selected within the “Mary Kay” account (a little confusing to explain!). To the left of the blue highlighted area is a pale-grey triangle arrow. This is what you need to click to expand the folder list - it’s not very visible on your Mac, by the looks of it, sadly! The same arrow is visible in the screenshot on some other labels, too, like PinkSuccess and Shipping. I guess these are your folders with subfolders.

THERE IT IS!! Wow I feel like I was blind. Thank you so much for your help.

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