Switched back to Evolution

Unfortunately when using Ubuntu 23.10 , now Ubuntu 24.04 LTS the number of restarts I had to do each day became prohibiting and I once again switched back to Evolution.

For me its enough to keep clicking on multiple mails here and there to get “syncing”-forever status or simply the frontend was killed / frozen.

ditto… loved mailspring except that it simply doesn’t work… did a lot of work trying but to no avail… such a shame as ancient email clients seem to me to be a huge gap in the otherwise wonderful linux world… there isnt a good modern solution anywhere?..maybe i really do need to learn mutt now! eeek! Mailspring people…do you really exist at all?.. coz you sure never answer my pleas for guidance to get it working!

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Seems to be a dead project, with a few final gasps of breath, here and there. Unfortunately, just not something that can be relied on for business or anything of importance. Bluemail’s support is no better. It really is the one major thing that truly holds Linux back in the modern business world.