Sync Does Not Work


App is not usable due to continuous syncing issue


There is no item identified that I saw in the log that you captured.

Email Provider



If you are unable to find the version information you need in your dumps, you might want to revisit that dump code.

  • OS and Version:
    • Installation Method:
  • Mailspring Version:

Sorry, but you guys went full release before you had a working product.

You’ll need to provide some specifics if you want useful help. What server and settings are you using? (Obviously, don’t share the login details for your account, but if you share all the other settings, someone may be able to spot the issue.)

I would wager that the sync errors you have been unable to solve over the last 3-4 years have very similar contents. My guess is that time is being spent looking through dumps instead of spending more time debugging your code.

It’s tough being a developer, especially when you work on a product for wide release “in the wild”. But this is the road you have chosen.

Most of the people on this forum (including me) are just users of this open-source application who try to help other users. We’re not some huge corporate team of developers! But if you could share some actual information about your problem, we might nonetheless be able to help out.

Also, the development team is pretty small, as I understand it, so if you do have the skills I’m sure they’d appreciate some help!