Sync Fails after V1.10.0 update

I updated the Mailspring Flatpak yesterday at 9:00 am. Since then, Mailspring is not showing any new emails. I’ve tried manually syncing with the toolbar menu but nothing happens. Only emails prior to the update are showing in Mailspring.

MX Linux Flatpak

More information… I just discovered that opening an existing email that was retrieved prior to the update triggers a pop-up that states “Mailspring is unable to sync *****, In order to perform actions on this mailbox, you need to resolve the sync issue. Visit Preferences > Accounts for more information.” However there is no more information in the Accounts Preferences page. Clicking Re-authenticate and Rebuild Cache do nothing.

Hey there!
It appears that the new version of Mailspring, 1.10.0 has a lot of issue regarding connecting to account/syncing mailboxes, I advise you to rollback to Mailspring 1.9.2 until the developers push a new update for the application.
You can see my guide on how to revert to 1.9.2 here if you’re on Windows:

Hope this will help you!

Unfortunately rolling back is not an option for me since MX Linux uses it’s own package installer for Flatpaks. Besides 1.9.2 had it’s own set of problems anyways. I’m currently researching a workaround to install and try Bluemail as an alternative to Mailspring.