Sync Issues with a Virtual Machine I use as a web host


All sorts of sync issues. At the moment it only shows mail in my account up until 9:30 am.

It also won’t open the “Mailsync Logs” under the developer menu for me to look see what might be going on.

I just always have issues. I might be interested in paying for the software but not at $8 a month with the troubles I have. Perhaps $10 a year, after we get it working.


Email Provider

my hosting provider is luhost - but they use as the webmail and the trouble tickets always come from - so I am confused.


  • OS and Version:
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Windows 10 - version - 21H2
Mailspring Version - 1.10.3-a476c230 (if your going to have such a long version number - how about a way to copy the version, instead of having to screen shot it or remember it, huh?)