Synchronization problem

Dear Mailspring employees,

I have been using Mailspring for some time now. Unfortunately, this e-mail system has been failing daily for a few months now and I can’t answer e-mails (but they do come in) the error message is: that there are synchronization problems. After checking the setting several times, the problem persists, despite the connection being reported as successful, sometimes everything works as it should, but most of the time it doesn’t… and can’t answer and/or delete emails. The data is all set correctly and checked with my server. Unfortunately, if this error cannot be fixed I have to cancel my subscription. I would like to hear if there is a solution from your side.
Sincerely, Suzan


I am sometimes having the exact same problem and have tried the same things Suzan has. I receive new emails but have a red sync error message showing, and when I click the write message button I get “In order to perform actions on this mailbox, you need to resolve the sync issue.”

I would add that even when an account is offline, a client should at least allow you to compose emails and save them locally to drafts.

I’ve had a similar issue previously, where accounts stop syncing at all for no good reason. I could usually resolve that by removing and re-adding accounts. But this is new.

This comes a couple of days after a glitch where successfully sent emails weren’t showing up in ‘sent’. That seems to have stopped now.

Unfortunately I am having similar problems. I was not aware there is ZERO customer service for critical issues on paid subscriptions!