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I have a paid subscription with you and use couple of IMAP accounts to send and receive messages. The sent messages are not synced with my mail server ( - they only seem to exist within Mailspring/its database, which is an issue when I try to use a mobile app like gmail (I noticed you don’t offer a mobile app). How can I sync all of the sent messages with my domain’s mail server so I can access them outside Mailspring?


Email Provider

custom domain email hosted in


  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Build 19042
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8

Hi @MarkoGN, welcome to the community.

Sent mail should be syncing by default with all accounts, unless the wrong sent folder has been selected.

  1. Ensure you have some sort of Sent folder on your email server (I assume you probably do.) Take note of the exact name. It typically will be called Sent, Outbox, Sent Mail. If no such folder exists yet, create it now.

  2. In Mailspring, go to Preferences > Folders, look for the entry for the account you’re having trouble with.

  3. Ensure the Sent Mail option is set to the appropriate folder from step 1.

  4. Send a test email, to ensure things are working correctly. All sent messages should appear on the server-side in the folder you selected in step 3.

Many thanks for your quick reply. Interesting seems to be on the server when directly accessed via cpanel (Horde Mail) but it does not seem to sync with other providers like GMail. Would you happen to know why that is?

That is rather odd. Are the Folder settings in Mailspring, the sent folder on the server, and the sent folder name preferred by Gmail (or the other clients) in agreement? They might not be. Most clients are configurable about this, though.

Any way you can share screenshots of your folder names according to Horde Mail and your Mailspring Folders preferences? From there, we might be able to figure out what’s up.

In any case, the problem doesn’t sound like Mailspring per se.

Appreciate your continued assistance. They seem to be all named “Sent” so not sure what’s going on. Attached are the screens.sent-gmail



(sorry could only attach one media per post)

That last one, which I suspect is Mailspring, indicates that your Sent folder is actually a subfolder of Inbox. That’s not typical. Horde may be configured to be using that as the Sent folder, but Gmail might not be.

Just checking — are you using Gmail as a client in this scenario, or are they the email host?

Does Mailspring’s Folders dialog provide you more options for your Sent folder?

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I’m using Gmail as a client - the host is
I checked Mailspring’s folder options and the only listed are the Inbox.XXXX ones in the screenshot.

Thank you.

If you send an email from Horde, does the sent message show up in Gmail? In Mailspring?

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Interesting so it shows up in mailspring but not Gmail.

Gmail must be misconfigured to look at the wrong folder for Sent. You’ll have to dig through settings for that. Unfortunately, I’m not terribly familiar with Gmail’s interface these days.

In any case, we know this isn’t Mailspring, which is good!

It is indeed, tremendously appreciate your guidance with this. I’ll try and see what can be done with Gmail. Or perhaps I can host my emails with a better mail host. Do you have any suggestions?

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The host doesn’t sound like the problem. It’s just typical IMAP. Gmail has always been weird about stuff.

I see what you mean there is nothing about renaming or customizing folders in Gmail

Just one more question you may be able to answer - for some reason all mail that comes into Mailspring is pre-marked as read whereas the same new mail is marked as unread on Gmail. Any idea how to resolve this?

Actually, I don’t. I’d ask a separate question. Someone else may be able to help.

Ok thanks for your help today

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