System tray icon notification

Hi. When i get new message, that system tray icon shows very small dot. Is there any change to make it bigger and change the dot color? I can’t see it except by putting my head very close to the screen.

Hey @BassoFin

I assume that you are using Mailspring on a Windows machine? If yes, the tray icon has been reworked for Windows and the change will be released with the next version. You can see the icon changes here: Rework tray icon style by Phylu · Pull Request #2470 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub

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Nice! Thanks for info and if im right, you have done it so thanks for work also! :slight_smile:

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Just to let you know here. The new version just got released. I am happy to hear about your thoughts on the new try icon on windows.

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It,s a huge improvement to my eyes! Now its dark when theres no unread messages and its pop up shiny blue when new mail comes. Its very good now! I have red/green colorblindness and those big contrasts work a lot better then small dots like it was in previous version.

I like it very much, THANK YOU!

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macos Ventura 13.4
MSpr latest

Hey and good day,

Settings have: Red icon for new and blue icon for unread messages

but no icon or red dot can be detected when new messages.

This is quite important,

Any assistance will be much appreciated,

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