Temporary Disable/Enable Account

Sometimes our private company mail server goes down during maintenance for a day or maybe days. At that unfortunate time, Mailspring attempts repeatedly to connect to a mail server that will never be available!

Well, I have two problems with this:

  • the error message that came out when I open the app is absolutely annoying; and
  • the background job that attempts to connect is a pointless waste of resources.

To stop the error messages from showing up, I have to delete the account and reconnect it later. It would be much easier If I have the option to disable the account through Preferences → Accounts tab.

(Originally posted by mhadidg on GitHub.)

When user use multiple email accounts, sometime it need to temporary hide some of them (eg when go to vacation - hide work email). Will be good to have option to temporary disable account, without deleting.

(Originally posted by MurzNN on GitHub.)