"To:" field shows "Delivered-To:" and no actual "To:" (or "X-Envelope-To:") field


Mailspring shows the wrong “To:” address when displaying an email.
For instance, here it shows:

To: You (user@example.com)

when the email address this was sent to is in fact user+something@example.com, which is can be seen in the email source in the actual “To:” field (and in the “X-Envelope-To:” if it exists).

To Reproduce…

Receive an email with plus / sub addressing.

Expected Behaviour

The email to which it was sent should be displayed, otherwise one needs to check the source each time.


  • OS and Version: Fedora 35
    • Installation Method: flatpak (com.getmailspring.Mailspring)
  • Mailspring Version: 1.10.3-a476c230 (1.9.2 according to flatpak list)

Additional Context

this is using a Gandi.net backed IMAP account