Translation of incoming messages?

I seem to remember that Mailspring free version would translate incoming messages. That does not happen now. Is it a Pro only feature?

That is indeed listed as one of the Pro features if you check the “Subscription” tab in Preferences. Oddly, it’s not mentioned on the website. 🤷‍♂

I’m sure it was available in the free version previously as I remember using it in earlier times. Perhaps that was a Pro free trial I was on. It is the only ‘Pro’ feature I need but I can’t justify $96 per year just for that. I wish the Mailspring business model included some intermediate subscription as I’d be happy to pay but not that much for a raft of features I wouldn’t use. I am an eMClient refugee now on Linux and eMC doesn’t support the platform.

Older versions of Mailspring can be downloaded and installed from the Github repo, so if you check the version history you may well be able to find a version that includes this feature - although you’ll be missing out on more-recently developed features.

I’ll try that. Thank you.