Translation of mail content with DeepL

It is a very good feature that you can translate the content of a mail. But the translation in Mailspring is not really good.

I would like to suggest a translation with DeepL. There are also API’s offered to include them.

(Originally posted by playforvoices1 on GitHub.)

Hey! Thanks for reporting this—a few folks have asked for DeepL specifically in the past. I agree it’s really much better than what we’re using now. Using it the way we’re supposed to (as an API customer) is one cent per 500 words, which could be too expensive for folks that have automatic translation enabled for most of their emails.

I’ll see if we can add this as an option of some sort though—we have enough of a system in place we could forward costs along if they became too high or degrade the translation quality after you hit 250,000 characters / mo ($5) or something like that.


(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)