Translation to Turkish | TR

I am using Mailspring for 2 months and I am comfortable with it, I think it is far better than Thunderbird; Better Sync, Easy-to-use UI, Advanced Features like Open-Tracker etc. And I want to contribute to it, so here’s some details abot me:

  • English Degree: B2+ (I know you have already encountered so many grammatical mistakes but I am better at translating English to Turkish)
  • I am currently using Java, I know basic things in C++, Python, HTML. So it is not a problem to sort Strings, Variables.
  • I use Git (GitHub), IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate as IDE and Sublime Text 3 for Text Editing.

Only thing I want is a permament Premium for Mailspring.

If you are interested, you can contact me;
E-Mail Address: