Tray icon turns red without new mail


The tray icon is turning red when the app is backgrounded randomly every few minutes regardless of whether or not new mail has arrived.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Run Mailspring (with tray icon)
  2. Have unread mail (tray icon will be blue)
  3. Background, minimize, or close app window
  4. Wait anywhere from 1 to 5? 10? minutes
  5. Tray icon will turn red
  6. Foreground app; no new mail is present
  7. Tray icon turns back to blue
  8. Repeat 3-8 ad infinitum

Expected Behavior

Tray icon, from what I understand, is only supposed to turn red when new mail arrives.


Before (notice, 10:20pm, 8 unread messages):

After (10:31pm, same 8 unread messages):


  • OS and Version: Fedora 38
    • Installation Method: Flatpak (Flathub)
  • Mailspring Version: 1.11.0-6193b33c

Additional Context

Before I realized discussion had moved to Discourse, I did happen to comment on the original pull request to ask about this (Red icon for new mail and blue icon for unread mail by marivaldojr · Pull Request #2433 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub). As it is, the current state of functionality on my machine makes the tray icon unusable, so I have to turn it off (which is super annoying because I specifically use Mailspring over something like Geary because of the system tray icon).

That said, even if this were functioning correctly, I very much agree with the other two commenters on the PR that this feature is problematic. Red is a standard color for “something is wrong,” not “you’ve got mail.” @bengotow mentions this being potentially annoying; mark a tally for me in the definitely annoying column :melting_face: (both for the functionality and the fact that this made it through without an option to turn it off).