Try to connect Protonmail to Mailspring

Hi I just installed Mailspring on Linux Mint and while it imported Thunderbird without a problem it gives me a problem with Protonmail.

I’m not very technical! Thanks for an answer!

Did you download the proton bridge?

Make sure the security is set to NONE

Proton Support Documentation:

Yes, you must run ProtonBridge. ProtonBridge gives you a setup screen with a generated pw to put in to your IMAP client.

THE PROBLEM is … last time I tested it, Mailspring still does not work correctly with ProtonBridge (emails appear/disappear/appear in the inbox after 5 minutes). If someone knows differently, or it has been fixed, please respond. I may try testing it again, but it had been claimed to have been fixed a few times but the problem persisted, last I knew.

That said, it Thunderbird works correctly with protonbridge, as does Outlook and Postbox

EDIT: I just re-installed Mailspring on macOS and the problem continues for me anyway.

This is incorrect. Once you’ve installed and set up the Proton Mail Bridge application, look in the Mailbox details section of your configured account. It should give you all the values you need: an IMAP server at on port 1143 with STARTTLS security and an SMTP server at on port 1025 with SSL security. Not security set to NONE.

In addition, I’ve just discovered that in order to get snoozing and other Mailspring-specific features working, you need to fill in the “Custom Containing Folder” field when setting up your Proton Mail Bridge account in Mailspring with “Folders/Mailspring”. This is because Proton Mail supports both labels and folders, with the former appearing as “Labels/labelname” and the latter appearing as “Folders/foldername”.

Also very important—Proton Mail Bridge only works with paid Proton Mail accounts.

I used all these settings as indicated in the bridge, even changed the bridge SMTP to SSL because it is normally STARTTLS so if you choose SSL in the email account setup in the mail program, you have to change it in the bridge as well. But it still does not connect to the protonmail account. Any thoughts?