Twitter - "I love Mailspring"

Shortly after I (re)started my subscription, I noticed a plug, under my name in Twitter. Something like I love Mailspring. Have others noticed the same thing? This is outrageous and criminal.

Outrageous and criminal :joy:

  1. You would have to manually tweet to your own profile or authorise Mailspring to tweet to your handle.

  2. I am pretty sure Mailspring would not tweet from your Twitter handle without your authorisation even if it were possible.

  3. I am a subscriber and I got no automatic tweets about Mailspring.

Does the tweet still exist? Can you share a link to it?

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I too thought it was bizarre; I knew I didn’t write it. I can’t share it because I angrily deleted it ;).

We have no such feature that I know of.

That you know of? Odd hedging

Not hedging, I am only the volunteer community manager, not the main developer, so I’m not making a claim to authority I do not possess. However, if this is a feature, I’ll be very surprised. I’ve seen absolutely nothing to suggest it.

Gotcha. Thanks for the response though, and if you DO hear anything. let me know. It was an unsettling, unpleasant experience.

I can imagine it would be! I’ll ping Ben, and see if he has any insight.

Meanwhile, it may be a good idea to audit what apps have permission to post on your Twitter, and/or perhaps add 2FA or change your password.

Hey folks! Wow this is super strange, we definitely don’t do anything like this. I think the ONLY social media-ish thing we do is let you star the GitHub repo on the Gmail OAuth thank you page (here: Mailspring), but you have to click that button to star the repo. We don’t integrate with Twitter at all.

I did a quick Twitter search for I love Mailspring (“I%20love%20Mailspring”&src=typeahead_click) and didn’t get any other results so I don’t think this is being automated by some nefarious player in the space or anything like that.

If you haven’t already, I’d go to to and check the apps / services that have access to your Twitter account and remove anything you don’t recognize.


Thanks. Does the company, or any of its employees, use Gumroad?

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