Ubuntu 20.04 snap install, error on connecting office365 mailbox

Hello everyone, i’ve installed Mailspring using snap but when i try to add my office365 mailbox i get this error

OAuth Code exchange returned 400 Bad Request: {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“AADSTS9002327: Tokens issued for the ‘Single-Page Application’ client-type may only be redeemed via cross-origin requests.\r\nTrace ID: aa9da201-3d02-4646-97da-09f818dd4800\r\nCorrelation ID: cb7e1fdc-dabb-4d8f-adfa-661742a9a3e6\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-09 16:42:31Z”,“error_codes”:[9002327],“timestamp”:“2022-03-09 16:42:31Z”,“trace_id”:“aa9da201-3d02-4646-97da-09f818dd4800”,“correlation_id”:“cb7e1fdc-dabb-4d8f-adfa-661742a9a3e6”}

Using Mailspring installed by flathub it works correctly but i don’t know how to upgrade to 1.10.

Using .deb i got missing dependancy error on libmysecret.1-dev probably due to an upgrade from 18.04.

I would like to use the snap install but if some kind would explain how to upgrade the flathub version i will still be happy.

Kind regards, Marco.

Flathub updated the repository to 1.10 version, office365 mailbox is functioning.
But the error using snap still remains.

Same problem, new version breaks oath. Flathub works because it hasn’t been updated.

Hey there @mrx and @marcomaskez,
Could you try checking my guide on reverting from 1.10.0 to 1.9.2? Another user had the same issue and rolling back to 1.9.2 fixed the issue.

On Unbuntu,

For snap, use “revert” to install the previous version.

Use the previous .deb if you have it in your download folder. Maybe someone can provide a link to the previous package in this thread.

Interesting. Reinstalled the current .deb and it works now also.

For those installed Mailspring via flathub here’s the solution:

sudo flatpak uninstall com.getmailspring.Mailspring

sudo flatpak install com.getmailspring.Mailspring

sudo flatpak update --commit=41a9fafd21539834f5ffb380e96d71955d0d91b7287a5c67fd4d15ec132c0e53 com.getmailspring.Mailspring

Version 1.92 completely functioning.

I hope the dev will fix office365 auth very soon.