Undo/redo buttons from the Edit menu dont work


the undo/redo buttons in the Edit menu don’t work in all email accounts I have. This happens when replying to an email and also through the composer when writing a new email. However, shortcuts ctrl + z or ctrl + y work as expected.

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  1. go to Edit menu
  2. click on the undo/redo buttons
  3. these commands don’t work and they do nothing with the text

Expected behaviour:
When clicking on the undo/redo buttons through the Edit menu, the composed text should be undone or redone

I am attaching a video of this behaviour: video.mp4 - Google Drive In the second part, I am using keyboard shortcuts, so you can see the expected behaviour.

Pop OS 20.10
installation method: deb
Mailspring version: 1.8.0-8983dca2

This is happening for me too on Pop OS 20.04.

I observed another behaviour. The shortcut for redo, which appears in Edit > Redo (ctrl + shift + Z) doesn’t work for me. Only ctrl + y works. Might this be a bug?

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