Undo/redo during composing email


when writing emails, sometimes happens to me that I accidentally delete a part of the whole email and I have to compose it again. If there was undo/redo button, I could simply revert changes and continue writing an email.
I am not aware of any other software that uses this, but in GMAIL this is built-in (see screenshot).

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Does Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y work for you? (If not, that’s a bug.)

You are right, those shortcuts work. I was just confused, because I didn’t see the icons on the bottom toolbar (silly me, I was used to the GMAIL like workflow). So my post is irrelevant :slight_smile:

No worries. Curious, though…do the Edit > Undo/Redo buttons work? They didn’t seem to for me…if they don’t for you, then we might need a bug report about that.

They don’t work for me either, only shortcuts Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y work.

Huh! Okay, good, confirmed. Could you file a Bug Report? I’d really appreciate it.

Of course, I will file a bug report :slight_smile:

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