"Undo Trash" does not return mail to Inbox


In unified inbox or individual inboxes, if I delete an email and catch the “Undo” button at the bottom, the email only briefly reappears, disappears, and then is only found in the “All Mail” folder. The “Inbox” tag was not replaced with the Undo action.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Select a message in any Inbox.
  2. Delete (keyboard or button)
  3. When the “Moved to Trash - Undo” button appears at the bottom of the screen, click on Undo. Ctrl+Z accomplishes the same thing.
  4. Observe the email appearing in the Inbox briefly, then disappearing.
  5. The email is not in either the Unified or specific account’s Inbox. It can be found in “All Mail” and under other tags that might have applied (Important, Starred, etc.)
  6. Clicking and dragging the email back to the Inbox replaces the Inbox tag. Deleting and undoing again removes it.

Expected Behavior

I should expect that using the Undo button from “Move to Trash” returns the email in question back to the primary Inbox without further action.




  • OS and Version: Ubuntu Linux 20.04.2 LTS
    • Installation Method: Ubuntu Software app
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1-30ef802f

Additional Context

I mainly use Gmail with Mailspring, I have seven active accounts right now.

When I first installed Mailspring, I observed the behavior, but I thought originally that it was something that I had done wrong or maybe I wasn’t looking in the specific Inbox and didn’t investigate too far. I did have the shared difficulty of Mailspring forgetting the authorizations for all but maybe one account, and I uninstalled and reinstalled, reaffirmed all of the logins, and the authorization problem cleared up.

I didn’t think about the disappearing emails until I got an email from a doctor. I accidentally deleted it instead of the other one I was going for (I’m not that graceful), and reflexively used Ctrl+Z to bring it back. The message appeared, then disappeared. It took me two days to think to check the All Mail folder.

Steps I’ve tested:
Deleting with keyboard, Undo button, and Trash button - no difference
Retrieving with “Undo” button and Ctrl+Z - no difference
Attempted with multiple emails from multiple accounts - no difference
Deleting from non-Inbox folders - mail is returned to origin folder

I have not:
installed a non-Gmail account to see if it’s Google-specific.

– DS

Yes this happens, anyone who can resolve this ?

I also experience this (with gmail, but not with icloud or microsoft). As I understand it, emails in gmail are in the inbox if they have a label “Inbox”. When erased, they are moved to the trash and the label “Inbox” is deleted. When that is undone, the email is moved out of the trash but the “Inbox” label is not attached to the email, so it just stays in “All mail”, where all unerased, unlabeled, not-spam email lives.
The solution would be to relabel the email with the “Inbox” label.

This also happens to me. Hopefully, it will be repaired soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. I thought that when I undo delete the mail, it gets disappeared. I was not knowing that I can get that mail back in the All Mail section.

This doesn’t seem to be os specific (happens on Windows too).

Just happened to me. I was like “where’s my email!?!” Thank you for letting me know it’s in AllMail