Uninstalling Mailspring

I need to uninstall Mailspring. How can I do it?

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Before removing Mailspring’s files, ensure that you’ve exited the application — bring Mailspring’s main window to the front and then choose Mailspring > Quit from the menu. Make sure that you no longer see Mailspring in your system tray or menubar. (If you just close Mailspring’s window rather than quitting it, it may continue to run in the background to check your mail and deliver notifications.)

Next, delete the application and it’s files. Mailspring keeps a mailbox cache, downloads, and so on on disk. Here’s where you can find the files on various platforms:


  • /Applications/Mailspring.app
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Mailspring (note: the Library folder may be hidden)


  • ~/AppData/Local/Mailspring
  • ~/AppData/Roaming/Mailspring
  • You may also need to remove a desktop shortcut


To uninstall Mailspring, use the same package manager that you used to install it. If you installed the Debian package for example, you’d run sudo apt-get remove mailspring. Note that if you installed the “Snapcraft” release, you need to run snap remove mailspring, because Snapcraft has it’s own package management system.