Unread count still on without unread messages

Since a few days ago I don’t know why some messages (not all of them and I don’t know which ones exactly) are waiting in the unread tab and are being showed in the unread count in spite of I already have ridden them!!


In the image you can see the inbox. The count tells me there are 4 unread messages but there are not more emails unread. Here you have otherimage with the unread tab selected.

mailspring 2

As you can see, 4 messages are appearing in this tab and all of them are already ridden. What do you think it can be happening? Thanks a lot!!

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Mailspring: 1.1.4-22d9f20d

(Originally posted by Ivluengo on GitHub.)

Mailspring are showing 2 unread mails in the inbox, but all messages appear as read. When I go to unread messages folder, can see 2 messages but are already read and marked as read, I try to mark as unread and open again but nothing happen, the message is read but the badge still showing [2]. The webmail and other clients display 0 unread messages. Only clearing the cache resolve this issue, but is annoying because happen frequently.

(Originally posted by rafrsr on GitHub.)

To solve this for me is to click on whatever email, cmd+a to select all, click “mark as unread” and click “mark as read”.

Alternatively select n amount of emails that may have caused this and proceed accordingly.

(Originally posted by DCzajkowski on GitHub.)

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I think it may be related to threaded messages. It’s been happening on my work client for ages, and it just happened on my personal laptop for the first time, and it was definitely on a threaded message.

This is an outrageously annoying bug that is over 3 years old.

What’s weird is that if you do a search of:

is:“unread” in:“Inbox”

…then it finds nothing. It would be nice if the UI would use the same mechanism.

(Originally posted by Raketemensch on GitHub.)

A few users report rebuilding cache as fixing the problem.

Duplicate Issues:

+1 to this one. Seeing it for about a week now on a Gmail account, only had Mailspring installed for around 2 weeks. Can I help debug in any way?

I’ve had the same issue since I started using Mailspring, and it happens very frequently for me – every other day or so, another email that I click on and read, gets “stuck” showing in the “unread” list, despite having been read (and showing up graphically as read, ie. not highlighted).

It is by far the most troublesome issue I’ve hit in Mailspring, and I’ve been eagerly checking the Mailspring update change notes each time hoping for its resolution.

Rebuilding the cache resolves the issue, but that is painful to have to do every other day, so I rarely bother. This means my “unread” message list just keeps getting longer and longer, filled with emails that in fact have been read, but which refuse to move out of the list.

The “mark as unread, then mark as read again” trick also works, but it also is annoying to have to do on a regular basis (and you can’t just select all in the list, because its a mix between fake-unread and true-unread emails).

I registered to follow the resolution to this issue.

It’s really quite annoying.

@panta82 Make sure you vote (at the top) too, to help raise the priority.

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Without disrespect/demoralization intended, my frustration with this and other issues has finally pushed me to switch to using Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mailspring is a beautiful client with some great features. But when its functionality is so disrupted like this, it kinda defeats the purpose. (I haven’t been able to efficiently use the “unread” folder for months, given that about 70% of its entries are things I have already read, despite being displayed in Mailspring as grayed out…)

What finally pushed me over the edge is that when I tried to connect a fourth and fifth Gmail account, Mailspring kept having errors connecting/syncing new messages (even after re-signing-in). If you can’t rely on the program to receive your mail reliably, it’s various advantages are just not worth it anymore.

If you have 3 or fewer accounts connected, and you don’t care much that the Unread folder is cluttered with many actually-read messages, Mailspring can be a good email client. For the rest, Thunderbird seems like a solid alternative. (granted, I’ve just started using it, but I expect it to be more reliable given how popular it is, how long it’s been around, and that there are several active developers keeping it maintained)

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I hear ya and I too am very close to jumping ship after as little as just a month or two of use over the continual frustrating bugs - all of which are reported here.

If I pay for software, then I’d like a little more attention than what this receives - it’s a shame as it has the foundations of being one of the best email clients available.

I’m pretty sure this happens when you receive threaded messages quickly, without having a chance to mark previous message(s) as read.

Current workaround is to go to Unread list (which will show your supposedly undread messages even though they are non-bolded, meaning “read”), select all, right click, mark as unread, right click, mark as read.

Has anyone else noticed that this bug is finally no longer coming up as of the latest version (1.9.2)? Mailspring has now officially gone from unusable to awesome in the latest update! I just ordered a year of pro subscription! Thanks Ben!

Ehh, never mind, the unread bug has come back. Here’s what I’ve noticed about it:

  • I have four mailspring instances running on four different machines, all using the same mail accounts
  • I got the same unread bug for the same message at the same time on all four mailspring instances
  • Marking the message as read on one mailspring instance does NOT mark it as read on the other mailspring instances. I have to go through each mailspring instance one by one, then mark as unread, then mark as read to fix it
  • Resetting the cache on one mailspring instance also does not help or affect the other mailspring instances at all
  • Quitting and re-starting mailspring also does NOT help propagate the mark-as read status across mailspring instances