Unread filter not showing all unread messages from inbox


In my inbox there are 4 unread messages (notifications from redmine) that are not visible in unread filter. As you can see in the video below there should be 10 unread messages shown with this filter. Those notifications are missing.



  • OS and Version: Windows 10
  • Mailspring Version: 1.4.2-f587b7b7

(Originally posted by nemm on GitHub.)

I’m experiencing the same issue, Windows 10, I’ve got 8 unread emails that I cannot seem to get rid of.

(Originally posted by J-tt on GitHub.)

I have two unread messages on Arch Linux, and they only started appearing with 1.5.4. They don’t appear anywhere in the listing, and when I log into Gmail’s web site, they don’t appear there, either.

(Originally posted by kode54 on GitHub.)

This happens for me too from time to time, on Ubuntu 20.04 and Mailspring 1.8.0. I usually have to Select > Unread and Mark as Read to resolve.