Unread in a folder not showing in 'Unread' messages

It seems that if I have made a mail rule to send new mail to a topic folder although it is unread it is not shown in ‘Unread’. That can’t be right can it? Does ‘Unread’ only mean unread mail in ‘Inbox’? Each time I want to check for new mail not only must I check ‘Unread’ but run down a long list of topic folders to check if any contain unread mail. Please tell me i’m wrong and i have missed a setting somewhere.

Additionally I see just this minute that a new, unread mail arriving in a nested folder is not indicated at the top level when the nest is closed so is invisible.

I am concerned I will be missing messages.

Yes, Unread appears only to include unread messages from the Inboxes of your accounts. 🤷‍♂

If you go to Preferences, you can turn on an option to show an Unread account for all folders, not just the Inboxes, which at least makes sure it’s clear where there are unread emails!

Except, as I mentioned, nested folders if the nest is not expanded. The count in a child folder does not show up in the root folder when the nest is closed.

OK, sorry, yes. That’s probably a bug report IMO - I think it’s been mentioned before so there may be a thread already you can add your vote to.

For the time being I am deleting the mail rules and moving the emails later so all unreads will appear in the Unread folder. Not ideal but at least I will have notification of every unread.

An alternative (which is what I do) is to have all redirects go to top-level folders. Then I get the notifications in the sidebar when there’s new email. Works for me, but it does of course depend on what you’re trying to achieve.

Thanks, yes, that’s something I considered but I have a long list of folders and it would still mean scrolling a page and a half to check if there were any any unread so, for me, for the time being, it’s better to have them all showing in Unread and deal with them from there. I appreciate your input. I’ll search for that earlier thread to see if I can add my support.

I think I found the thread. It went on for a long time and was closed in January: https://github.com/Foundry376/Mailspring/issues/667#issue-295553850

That’s the thread from the old GitHub-based forum. They moved to this new forum in January, hence the old threads were all closed even though they weren’t fixed! There should(!) be a matching thread here somewhere. :man_shrugging: