Unreadable Icons - Gray Squares, clickable - Win 11


UI issue on Win 11, fresh Mailspring user, latest update, icons grayed out but clickable and functional. I’ve noticed this problem has surfaced at least on 3-4 occasions in years prior, as per Github and this community stack, but the resolution to the problem was never clearly addressed, minus the suggestions to reinstall, clear cache and/or update (all of which I’ve done, to no avail). Changing themes is also ineffective at resolving, screenshots below:

Expected Behavior

Upon startup icons don’t load, though clickable and functional, is this a directory, css or html issue (?)



  • OS and Version:

    • Installation Method:
      |Edition|Windows 11 Home|
      |Installed on|‎4/‎4/‎2023|
      |OS build|22621.3007|
      |Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22681.1000.0|
  • Mailspring Version:

Additional Context

Shame if this doesn’t get patched, great client, I’d switch over in a heartbeat.
Any fix?