Use popout composer for all emails

Allow me to set a default so all new drafts and replies use the “pop out compose” style window instead of inline.

Does this feature exist in another mail client or tool you use?

None that I’ve used, but some (gmail web, mailbird) allow you to popout by using shift+r, shift+a, shift+c

(Originally posted by katonash on GitHub.)

I second this! I used to use Spark which did this.

It would also love to have an option like the latest version of Apple Mail that will open the new message in split screen when in fullscreen view

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This would be really useful. Currently with a long thread in the inline composer, when you click the show more (three dots) button, the ‘Send’ button (and other controls) move all the way down. This results in a lot of scrolling.

The popout composer has these controls fixed to the bottom, so they’re always visible.

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Not just that, my biggest gripe is the (very) little space you get to write the email.