Using images for full signature

hi all,

would be great if one could use a single jpeg to sign the emails we send out.

in my case i have a jpeg from the company i work with that includes all my details in the image, but when i import it as my signature it compresses the image to make space for all the text details you can input manually. example is inserted below, the first image is what i get in mailsring and the second is what it should look like.
screenshot from 2018-01-16 20-05-36
screenshot from 2018-01-16 20-07-42

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I’m in the same situation. You can edit the signature template to use Raw HTML and edit the format. The problem is that the image is uploaded to the Mailspring servers and included in the email with a link. I think it would be better to add the image to the body of the message and avoid the image blocking function of most email clients. Currently you can replace the Mailspring image url with one from your server.

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Ahh nice! This is a good use case I hadn’t thought of - I’ll see if we can add another signature option that is just “full-size image” in the future. Right now the images are intentionally sampled way down when they’re uploaded, so unless you host the image on your own it’ll look a little blurry. Stay tuned—

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I have the same problem here.