Using Mailspring on OSX, use contacts


I recently started using Mailspring, and I love it mostly. There is one thing that totally puzzles me, and I hope there is a solution. The only contacts that seem to be available in mailspring seem to come from mail I sent or received. I can’t send mail to anyone I have added to my contacts in OSX. My contacts are stored on a carddav server, so that my other devices use the same contacts list. Obviously, if all my contacts are only in Mailspring, I will not have any contacts on my phone for example.

Well, that seems totally stupid, so that can’t be right. Every other app I’ve tried (Spark, Canary, Thunderbird etc) just work with the contacts in OSX, or use Carddav to access the database, that I also use for my phone.

What am I overlooking? Is it really so that you made this beautiful mail client, and then made it kind of useless to normal people?



You are correct, unfortunately, this does - unfortunately - not exist at the moment.