When a keyboard shortcut is modified, I cannot add alternative shortcut


When one edits the keyboard shortcuts in Mailspring settings, they cannot add alternative keyboard shortcuts (at least I could not find a way). Take for example the ‘Move to newer/older conversation": by default, it is set to ‘k’ or ‘up’ and ‘j’ or ‘down’, respectively. Now, I wanted to switch the ‘j’ with ‘k’, so I changed it, however, I lost the ‘up/down’ shortcut.

There might be a way to input the alternative shortcut, but I could not find a way. Still, I suggest to add separate, let’s say, text box (like in Gmail settings) for each keyboard settings (i.e. there would be two boxes per each setting).


  • OS and Version: CentOS 7
  • Mailspring Version: v1.6.1 and v1.6.2

Additional Context

I have tried to add the following lines into keymap.json, but the new shortcuts does not work (the old one are not overriden by these).

"core:previous-item": ["j", "up"],
"core:next-item": ["k", "down"],
"core:select-up": ["shift+j", "shift+up"],
"core:select-down": ["shift+k", "shift+down"],

And I have found out that for example Alt+Shift+anything (alt+shift nor shift+alt) cannot be assigned as a shortcurt.

Note that I have edited ~/.config/Mailspring/keymap.json file.

(Originally posted by tukusejssirs on GitHub.

I have the same problem. Could we get a fix?

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