Won't accept server settings

I wanted to switch over from Mailbird to Mailspring. I have a gmail account which set up automatically but I also have an email account hosted by GoDaddy and the server settings are filled in correctly, it will not connect.

One possibility is that the security setting on the connection are wrong (the dropdown menus that say things like ‘SSL/TLS’ or ‘STARTTLS’). Plus, of course, you should treble-check that you really do have the right details!

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Non Gmail setup is trickier because you need to enter the server address, the port number, the security protocol - probably, and also your username which nearly always your email address, and finally your account password. Also remember that you need to enter in and out email settings separately. For some bizarre reason in mailspring you enter this stuff three times on a pc. Not sure why.
For Gmail, somehow mailspring can read the settings and import them by magic