Allow theme override of system tray icon

The system-tray icon for mailspring is quite different to the ones from my icon theme, and this inconsistency is quite frustrating.

I would like to be able to override the tray icons from a generalised location like /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/status so I can properly employ my icon theme in the system-tray as well.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I have tried to unpack app.asar, change the icons and pack it again, but whenever I did this the repacked app.asar was ~5mb while the original is ~130mb. Whenever I tried running mailspring it would give app not found error.

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How to Change Icon Tray mailspring manualy ? on my Parrot Os debian based is to big , thanks …


(Originally posted by HaxorGaruda on GitHub.)

Hey! There’s not currently a way to do this, but it’d be a great thing for someone to tackle and I’d love a pull request for improvements here. We’ve tried for years to find a single icon that will work for everyone on Linux, but the trays and how they scale images is inconsistent. I think allowing people to override the image (or creating a lookup table of linux distro <> image) would be a good next step.

@arkraft recently contributed some great Linux theme utils to the project so maybe that’d be a good starting point: Mailspring/linux-theme-utils.ts at 3a526d2fa7e32b204ae1d09bd6e013dc684087bf · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub.

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