Always open mail in new window?

Hello! Trying out the app on Mac, have one major question - how do I configure for reading messages in a new window? Right now I click on an email and it opens in the same window, hiding my inbox and my folder structure on the left. I can click the “popout thread” button, but want this behavior without requiring an extra click on every single email. Can you help me set that up?

I found this thread: Open message in new window

Which seems to imply I can double click on messages to get this, but as soon as I single click the app opens the message without waiting to see if there’s a second click. I can’t double click fast enough, even though double clicking works everywhere else in the system? Or is there something I’m missing?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Which layout are you using? If you are using the single pane layout this does not work. If you use any of the two pane layouts, a double click on the e-mail should open it in a new window.

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I am using the single-pane view. I just tried with the two panel view and I can indeed double click to open in a new window. Thanks!

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