Bundle: Contacts


Improve address book and contact management support.

This, along with Bundle: Calendar, will make Mailspring a fully-fledged PIM.

Proposed Components

Read/write support for CardDav, Outlook, and Google. (Also vCard?)
Allow freely associating email accounts with address books.
Create, edit, categorize, delete contacts in address books.
VIP contacts.
Customize collected address storage behavior.
Pull profile photos from address books, Gravatar, and other sources.
Mail merge, potentially with address book groups, and definitely with CSV files.
(Proposed) Allow caching some Contact Pane info in address book (also reduces API calls!)



Todos los componentes propuestos, salvo lo de la API porque no me queda claro de su vialidad y vigencia

Google siempre cambios sus APIs…

@CodeMouse92 it would be really nice to have support for nextcloud / owncloud servers. Contacts are stored as vcards if I’m correct and can be synced with card dav.

thanks for your consideration!

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Can we support contacts management independent of email accounts? For example, syncing google contacts even if I don’t have a gmail account added