Cannot add attachment to email

I am using Mailspring on Linux and I cannot attach any file to an email.

When I click the “Attach file” button, I do not have access to my regular storage and folders, only a handful of folders:

And I get the following error message when trying to drop the file onto the Mailspring mail editor:

The issue seems to be the same as this one, except that I installed Mailspring through Flathub so all of the snap-related fixes don’t work.

Which Linux version are you using?

Pop!_OS 21.04, which is based on Ubuntu 21.04

I’d try the deb install, in that case. I had some problems with the Snap here on Kubtuntu, and the native install definitely seems to have fewer quirks. Worth a shot!

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It worked, thank you!
Does the deb install get automatic updates, or do I need to do it manually?

We still need to do manual updates, because the installation isn’t from a repository that the system can monitor. A shame, unless someone can get MS into a repo!