Can't create groups or add contacts to them

New Mailspring user here - The directions in “Managing Address Book” are pretty straightforward - I select the “All Contact” group, then I’ve tried clicking on the icon with the head and + sign, dragging and dropping - hovering, nothing happens. Nobody gets added.

Same with trying to create groups - I’ve hovered over the account label, but there’s no + button that appears. I try the trusty Head with plus sign icon and same thing, nothing.

Are these are non-functional in the program or it’s just a user error? I would certainly appreciate any comments or suggestions.

What type of contacts server are you using (e.g. Gmail, iCloud)?

The Mailspring Contacts system only works with certain mail providers (such as Gmail) and formats (e.g. CardDAV). More details:

A number of users are having problems with it: