Copy and paste out of composer loses all formatting, for certain destinations


I’ll sometimes compose something in mailspring and then decide to save/send it elsewhere, ie: slack, vim.

When doing so, all formatting, including line breaks, disappears. Interestingly, this works fine for some destinations: ie: gmail, Paper, but other destinations, like this form, vim, slack, etc., this text:

This is a test




ends up as:

This is a testfoogooloo

Pasting into ie: gmail, which works, and then re-selecting it from there, yields the desired results when going into vim, slack, etc.

I totally understand fancier formatting not always translating well, but I feel like basic paragraph structure should translate/transfer well.


  • OS and Version: OSX High Sierra
  • Mailspring Version: 1.5.1-da141eaf, but this has been present for a while

Additional Context

Possibly related: Copy & Paste destroys the sentence pattern

They mention pasting into composer, my issue concerns copying out of composer.

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I second this on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop.
Copy pasting loses all formatting and squeezes every \n to ''.
I also support the idea of working on the structure first as it’s much more important than bold or italic.


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I have the same Issues on Arch Linux, it’s quite inconvenient :confused:

Version 1.6.1-aceed8e5

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Copy & paste is a big mess in Mailspring (Ubuntu 20.04, Mailspring and I encouter is several times a day:

  • loosing line breaks (workaround copy & paste via keyboard shortcuts)
  • does not work at all

a show stopper.

I am close to move to Windows now (coming from MacOS) because all mail clients are terrible on Linux and this was the most promising one.

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