Email opens, link clicks and New Email notification Issue

Email opens, link clicks and new email notification don’t work on Win10 and MacOS.

1.10 versions don’t work above features. 1.92 works.

@sirtakinos Can you please explain the problem some more? I don’t really understand the issue. Can you provide a screenshot?

Open Tracking doesnt work.
Link Tracking doesnt work either.

No new e-mail notifications on Mailspring 1.10 versions.

I tried to send several e-mails to see if I open it works no open tracking notifications and link tracking also.

I am running WIN10 and MacOS.

Shortly, when I send an email it doesnt shows if its opens.

Notifications will be resolved with the next release. See: New email notification not working in v1.10.1 on Windows 10 - #8 by Phylu