First message on the list ecliped by the toolbar


This bug manifests on Windows 11 if that matter, but it renders Mailspring unusable: The first row on the list of messages is completely eclipsed by the top toolbar, so it’s completely invisible. I thought at first Mailspring doesn’t synchronize correctly, but the I found the bar of the scroll bar actually hides under the menu button as well.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Run Mailspring in Windows 11 and open the mailbox to see the list of messages.

Expected Behavior

First row from the message list to start just under the toolbar, not beneath it.



Additional Context

This is IMAP account, nothing fancy like Google account. I have only one configured in Mailspring for now. Restarting of the application do not help.

There’s another report of this issue - perhaps combine your reports?

@JohnP I haven’t seen one. If you identified one, please link. Thank you.

This was the one I was thinking of.

OK, I posted there with link to this post. Is there anything else I can do, @JohnP?

Sadly, it’s a matter of waiting for one of the devs to take notice. 🤷‍♂

You can see from this latest new email that it’s off the top of the screen and no scroll bar is there so I can’t actually see it unless I cursor up to it.

What happens if you resize your Mailspring window, or take it in or out of full-screen view?

(It looks like you’re on Windows. Is that right? What Windows and Mailspring versions are you using?)

If I resize, nothing changes, the top email is still off the screen. Even maximising the window.

Windows 11

The Mailspring theme is Light. The scroll wheel on the mouse also doesn’t take you there (I assume because no scroll bar).

Does this happen every time a new email arrives?

I did see another user report a problem with Windows 11 on this forum, so it may be that this new OS version has changed something that’s causing problems for Mailspring. Which doesn’t help you much, sadly!

yes, this happens every time a new email arrives.

And did it start when you upgraded to Windows 11 or was it present earlier? (Or did you only start using Mailspring after your upgrade?)

I started using Mailspring after I was on Win11

I think I duplicated the issue in First message on the list ecliped by the toolbar - #3 by michal.fita

But I believe I better described the problem, even without putting the screenshot. I started using Mailspring on Windows 10 and I had problems with eclipsing, but at the bottom. I don’t remember if any eclipsing took place at the top - I can check that later on my other machine that’s still on Windows 10.

This problem in may case appear from start of the application - first message (regardless unread or not) is eclipsed by the toolbar, resizing, minimizing, maximizing do not help - the first message on the list is always hidden.

@benflux I’ve just noticed this message in in the Help section, not the Bug Report section. I suggest you vote for my bug report: First message on the list ecliped by the toolbar

@JohnP @michal.fita I merged the two issues. Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:
What do you think: Could this also be the same issue as reported here? My first message doesn't appear in the list

Does this only happen with the vertically aligned reading pane, or also in the other views?

I will See, if I can reproduce the issue on a Windows Machine. I can’t promise anything, as I am usually not developing on Windows.

Thank you, @Phylu. I’ve just checked - the fresh install on Windows 10 doesn’t demonstrate the problem.

My first message doesn't appear in the list seems to have similar symptoms to mine. Switching views temporarily solves the eclipsing as well in my case (good to know some workaround).

Shutting down and reopening Mailspring doesn’t seem to cause the eclipsing on Windows 10.

I just installed Maillspring on a Windows 11 machine, and I don’t have this issue happening. So if you have any ise, how to reproduce it, it would be great.

Maybe you can also check the developer tools and see how the div with the class “column-ThreadList” and its children are aligned to see if it is a CSS issue or something else.

OK, first run is supposedly OK. In the view with reading at the bottom, exit the application (close window not enough, it sits in tray) and launch it again.