My first message doesn't appear in the list

I’ve noticed that my top message in the message list is not visible in the list and there’s not a way to scroll up to it. I can use the up arrow to select it and view it in the preview pane but it’s not visible in the list and there doesn’t appear to be any scroll bar that will let me scroll up to it.

This screenshot shows a search, for my privacy, but the same thing happens consistently across all folders (inbox, sent, etc). You can see a faint blue grey line above the 10:01 message, that’s the message shown in the preview pane, selected.

If I switch to the vertical pane, I can see all the messages just fine.

If I switch to the vertical preview pane and back, the behavior seems resolved but it comes back if I close the window and reopen it.

Please try not to judge me for my 1,000,000 unread Rippling alerts. I knew there’d be a bunch in my search results with nothing I can’t have in a screenshot.

I’m running Ubuntu 20.04, Mailspring 1.9.1-30ef802f – I am very aware that it is possible that my interface issues are related.

Did some additional tinkering:

At first I thought there was a pattern to the themes it happens in, but if I switch themes the problem seems to resolve for a while and then return.

And it seems to be isolated to some folders. I see it in my sent mail, and Inbox. I don’t see it in other folders. It really confused me for a while because often I’d see a system notification with an email subject line, go look for that email and not see it in my inbox, which is obviously super puzzling.

Yeah, I have the same problem on Kubuntu 21.04.

Me too on Windows 10. Mailspring 1.9.1-30ef802f

Same issue on MacOS 11.3.1 Mailspring 1.9.1

I’m now on version 1.9.2-6e… and it’s for sure still an issue.