Font shows as squares when downloading attachment


To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Using Linux Fedora 34, KDE Spin
    2.Installed via Snap
    3.Updated to Mailspring 1.9.2
    4.Open email that has attachment
  2. download the attachment
  3. The ‘Save As’ dialog will show all text with squares. I suspect that the font is somehow wrong or not included in the snap.

Expected Behavior

The ‘Save as’ dialog font should not render as squares but as letters.



Mailspring 1.9.2

  • OS and Version: Linux, Fedora 34, KDE Spin
    • Installation Method: Installed using Snap
  • Mailspring Version: Mailspring 1.9.2

Additional Context

I confirm the bug in snap on Opensuse Tumbleweed

Same bug with snap and Ubuntu 21.04

Same issue! Fedora 34 WKS Gnome 40.4.0 Wayland. Snap version 1.9.2

Exact same issue with Manjaro (rolling) using snap depo 1.9.2

Same here. Ubuntu 20.04.3, xfce 4.16

Experience same issue.

  • Mailspring Snap version 1.9.2
  • Ubuntu 21.04
  • Gnome 3.38.5
  • Windowing system X11