How do I document search issues?

I have found that search works very inconsistently. I search for “” and get zero results. But if I do track down the thread or message I’m thinking of, I see that in the thread there is indeed a message addressed to that exact email address. I’ve seen this a few different ways and I’m not entirely sure how to document the issue.

Sometimes I find the message by memory (“It was part of the conversation about C towards the end of April”) or sometimes I go over to gmail and use the built in search in that interface. Is there a good way to document search failures? Mostly it’s names and addresses, which I’d rather not post to a public and archived forum.

I assume this is related: Search is not working but in my experience it doesn’t seem to be specific to recent mail.

I have a GMail account on my Mailspring.

I notice that when I run a “search” inside Mailspring, I cannot find the results that I’m looking for. From what I understand going through some of the community responses, it only caches mail for searching once you read through the email… however I don’t find that to be the case, even if I use Gmail-style queries.

I’m also trying to find a way how I can cache all emails so that it is searchable?

Its quite frustrating… :unamused:

I’ve confirmed similar behavior with my non-Gmail, Dreamhost hosted IMAP account. Can’t find a message I know exists. I hop over to Dreamhost’s webmail and find it with the exact same search term. I haven’t spotted a pattern to what does and does not show up.