Search is not working


Some of the most recent emails do not seem to be included in the search / are not retrieved via text search

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Receive an email
  2. Search by the sender name / email of this recent email
  3. The most recent email is not found, but some older ones are
    Note: this seems to be somewhat random, i.e. it works in most cases, but only sometimes is the search failing. Can’t seem to find a good reason/pattern explaining the failures

Expected Behavior

The email should be retrieved


  • OS and Version: Ubuntu 19.10
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.6-e94bb759

Additional Context

Seems similar and could be related to issue #731

(Originally posted by simroux on GitHub.)

I can confirm this behaviour.

Windows 10
Mailspring 1.7.6-e94bb759

inbox list:

search by subject:

search by sender:

(Originally posted by ondrej-petr on GitHub.)

Same issue here on ubuntu 20.04.
Also inputs on new mail are not working for me.

(Originally posted by reshadde on GitHub.)

Reseting cache (Preferences ->button on the bottom) solved my problem. But it is not the best solution in my opinion.

(Originally posted by ondrej-petr on GitHub.)

Worked for me too, thanks ! Agreed that this is not the best solution though, is the underlying issue is a “corrupted” cache, ideally the software would have a way to detect it, and then either force cache rebuild or suggest it to the user, so I’m leaving the bug open for now

(Originally posted by simroux on GitHub.)

I can confirm the bug. Search started working after resetting cache as suggested above.

(Originally posted by marcvk on GitHub.)

Same issue here on Windows 10, Mailspring version 1.7.8-13635bcf - search started working again after resetting the cache.

(Originally posted by iojw on GitHub.)

I got the same thing I’m on windows, it finds some mails but not all ones