Search is not working


Some of the most recent emails do not seem to be included in the search / are not retrieved via text search

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Receive an email
  2. Search by the sender name / email of this recent email
  3. The most recent email is not found, but some older ones are
    Note: this seems to be somewhat random, i.e. it works in most cases, but only sometimes is the search failing. Can’t seem to find a good reason/pattern explaining the failures

Expected Behavior

The email should be retrieved


  • OS and Version: Ubuntu 19.10
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.6-e94bb759

Additional Context

Seems similar and could be related to issue #731

(Originally posted by simroux on GitHub.)

I can confirm this behaviour.

Windows 10
Mailspring 1.7.6-e94bb759

inbox list:

search by subject:

search by sender:

(Originally posted by ondrej-petr on GitHub.)

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Same issue here on ubuntu 20.04.
Also inputs on new mail are not working for me.

(Originally posted by reshadde on GitHub.)

Reseting cache (Preferences ->button on the bottom) solved my problem. But it is not the best solution in my opinion.

(Originally posted by ondrej-petr on GitHub.)

Worked for me too, thanks ! Agreed that this is not the best solution though, is the underlying issue is a “corrupted” cache, ideally the software would have a way to detect it, and then either force cache rebuild or suggest it to the user, so I’m leaving the bug open for now

(Originally posted by simroux on GitHub.)

I can confirm the bug. Search started working after resetting cache as suggested above.

(Originally posted by marcvk on GitHub.)

Same issue here on Windows 10, Mailspring version 1.7.8-13635bcf - search started working again after resetting the cache.

(Originally posted by iojw on GitHub.)

I got the same thing I’m on windows, it finds some mails but not all ones

Same problem on Windows but resetting the cache does not help.

In my case it seems to be recent emails within a thread that I have replied that do not appear. Even if I search in Sent

Noticed this has been an issue for the past year (2021) and now 2022. Emails in a thread that started 2 or 3 months ago appear in Mailspring but more recent emails within the same thread do not appear. In my case, emails from feb 2022 appear when the thread started but emails using the same thread in Apr 2022 and May 2022 do not appear in Mailspring.

Doing a search by thread subject or sender in Mailspring doesn’t yield any results.

Doing a search by thread subject or sender in Gmail shows ALL emails on the thread.

Running MacOS Montery 12.3.1.
Mailspring version 10.1.3.
Email service: Gmail.

Having the same issue, resetting cache also worked. Possibly of note, I use mailspring to access the same IMAP account from two different computers (both running Ubuntu)

I’m having what looks like the same issue.
I noticed it for a particular conversation that would not appear in searches.
Resetting the cache solved it this time. But what good is a powerful search system if we cannot trust it?
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Mailspring 1.10.5

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I am having the same issue here: patchy search results which have led to me losing faith in Mailspring as my chosen email client. Even after clearing the cache, the problem persists.

This bug report has been around for many months and still no update.

Mailspring 1.10.5
macOS Monterey 12.6


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Same as above. I’ve cleared cache on numerous occasions. Search is not reliable for me on any of my devices.

I’m also very much feeling this. I’ve been going to my webmail nontheless to find the emails I was searching for. Look at this comparison:

Also note the dates.

I’ve been doing this for a while not and it’s really starting to bug me since I’m paying for this.

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One more on this. Very frustrating and occasionally causes a lot of confusion till I remember the issue and how to fix.

Still an issue until today (Oct 2023). Anyone found a fix? Can’t reset cache every day :slight_smile: