How to cancel a 12mth sub, & get a refund?

I can see where I can remove my payment details & (perhaps) cancel the subscription, but;
It’s not made clear anywhere how best to contact the entity that’s charged me to request a refund.

I did not get any reminders, & I totally forgot I was still signed up for the 12mth subscription.


Hello? I don’t suppose anyone could help?

Thanks again.

Saw your post yesterday but truth be told, I don’t really know what the answer is.

I think if you delete your Mailspring ID on that page you linked to, then it will cancel your subscription but I am only guessing. As for refunds - who knows…!?

One thing I think we can safely establish though is you’re unlikely to get any official response from Mailspring any time soon as there are loads of threads and bugs going unsupported and unactioned on here - it largely seems to be an abandoned project right now.

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So they offer a Pro tier, but they provide no support for it? Wow.
Sounds like my only recourse, is to get my bank to reclaim the charge?

Thanks for trying to help!

No problem :+1: yeah, this is something a lot of us are complaining about right now too.

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