Insane ram usage


The ram usage is insane lately

To Reproduce…

just normal use, i did not een open an attachment i think

Expected Behavior

less usage, like 1/10 of what it now is.




Mac os Monterey 12.1

This could just be because Mailspring is built in Electron. Electron apps are known to be extremely heavy memory hogs!

I do have a similar issue on Debian. It’s why i keep it closed and open it time to time but if i keep it open for the night, i have GB of ram usage the day after.

While this is true, 7GB is indeed insane and not expected. Even for an electron app. I keep mailspring open all the time here on windows, and it’s using 100-200mb of ram. That’s in line with other electron apps I use (Slack for example). So I wouldn’t just blame electron outright.

idd, i use slack(with multiple spaces) and other electron apps. I even build electron apps myself, but never saw this much usage. even docker with half the aws stack running is on half what a mail client uses :joy:

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