Is Mailspring Pro Permament or Subscription?

Here it says " upgrade to MailSpring Pro to use all these great features permamently", but in this page it says there’s no lifetime subscription. I am confused. (btw can you gift me Pro pls? :slight_smile: just trying my chance)

There are limitations to some of those features in the free version.

Like you can only snooze so many emails a week.

I upgraded to the paid version but to be honest, the software has so many bugs that go unattended for so long, I expected quicker support / attention having paid and I’ve now moved back to Thunderbird.

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I tried to moving but I think it is not suitable for me; Problems with Sync, UI etc. I got back to Mailspring. I am planning to buy premium, with only one condition: If premium is permament as said (look at photo above), I’m gonna buy. But if it’s billed monthly/annually, I’m not going to waste my money. Can anybody tell me about Premium?

@tenardie See here as linked above.

By default, Mailspring Pro subscriptions are billed monthly. However, if you or your organization prefers annual billing, an annual plan is also available at a 11% discount! ($85 USD / year)

There is no lifetime plan, quoted from that page:

Thanks for your interest in Mailspring! We’d love for you to upgrade to Mailspring Pro. Unfortunately at this time we’ve decided not to offer a one-time (lifetime) purchase option. Many of the features of Mailspring Pro use underlying APIs that cost money on a per-use basis (automatic email translation and contact profiles being the most expensive two), and our plan for ongoing development requires ongoing revenue.

Many subscription apps offer lifetime options because they 1) assume you will use the app for X years and stop, leaving them with a net profit, 2) have no usage-based costs that could surpass the one-time purchase or 3) only plan to support the product for X years, after which development will stop. We believe that you’ll love Mailspring and want to use it indefinitely, and that keeping it working indefinitely will require continued development! We don’t want to sell you a lifetime plan, maintain the app for a few years until purchases fall off and then stop working on it. We also don’t want to release “Mailspring 2” one day and make everyone upgrade.

Long story short, we’re not comfortable with the tradeoffs of a lifetime plan (at least not yet), and hope you understand!