Mailspring Avatars


Simple, naive implementation of Avatars in the Message List.
Fork of emadow project, updated for last mailspring versions


  • Add avatar before each email you receive, no more, no less



  1. Grab the latest release
  2. Extract Mailspring-Avatars and load Mailspring
  3. From the menu, select Developer > Install a Package Manually... from the dialog, choose the directory of this plugin to install it

Getting Help

Add an issue on the GitHub page !

I use this and love it! Thanks for creating this plugin.

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Wow! For us visual people, this is a wonderful addition and a very simple installation. I just discovered Mailspring and this community. Thanks for your efforts and this super plugin. :bacon: :beer:


Thanks! I’m using your plugin. It’s awesome!

I had an error if i want to intall the plugin.
Sorry, Mailspring no longer ships with Babel and TypeSript to recompile plugins on the fly. Ask the plugin developer to compile the plugin to vanilla JavaScript as a pre-publish step

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You grabbed the wrong one. This plugin was forked from that one, because that one no longer works.

I’d love to see this working on my end. Not sure if I’ve installed the latest plugin but when I tried to, the pop up says, “mailspring-avatars has been installed and enabled” but I see no avatars. Can you point us to the correct plugin? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 3.11.48 PM

Did you restart Mailspring as the dialogue prompted? (Just checking.)

Thanks for the quick response, Jason. I did restart Mailspring and still nothing, until I read on an older thread, which lead me to a previously installed version, Library, Application Support, Etc, and trashed it (must of installed it a couple years back) and I re-installed the latest package and now all is good.

I did noticed something though. Is there a way to lower the avatar, as it seems to touch both the incoming mail symbol and the star? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 5.28.57 PM

Hi Chris, sorry for my (very late) response

The easiest way to make your request is to do it in two steps:

  • First, use the developers tools integrated in Mailspring (Developer → Toggle Developer Tools) to locate the element to be moved and test with CSS how you can place it. I’ve attached a screen of the concerned element, on the right side you can change the property “top: 0px” with something that suits you better and see the result in live.

  • Once you have found the value that suits you best, you must now integrate your modification into the plugin. It happens in this file: mailspring-avatars/index.less at 5b0b19a1dc99babd2a24f97e86530df315320acc · Striffly/mailspring-avatars · GitHub. Download the plugin, edit this file, install the edited plugin in Mailspring and you’re done :slight_smile:

Tell me if you have any question !


Hi Clément,

Thanks for getting back to me and no worries regarding the late response. I appreciate your info and I did figure this out a little while ago, through trial and error and it’s turned out quite nicely. Nothing overlaps anymore and I was glad to see I was able to move all other icons as well as the avatar. Now it looks just like in the image.


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 12.58.09 PM

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Hey guys,

  1. Does this work for 1.9?
  2. Did you notice any performance degradation?


I had not tried this plugin with a previous version of Mailspring. I just installed it in 1.9.1 and there are two avatars per email.

I had to reinstall the avatars after the upgrade to 1.9. It’s working as I would expect.

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I’ve just installed it into a fresh copy of 1.9.1, and I also see doubled icons. Using the dev tools, I see that the extra (top-right) icon is added with the class “thread-injected-icons” within the “icons-column” div, whereas the lower-left one (which seems to be in the correct place) has the “thread-avatar” class within the “thread-info-column” div. Any idea why it’s being added in two places?

Further investigation: two icons are shown when the message list is narrower and thus reflows to show sender, subject and snippet on separate lines. If I make it wider so they all appear on one line, only one icon is shown. JS and React aren’t really my thing, but commenting out line 14 in lib/main.js means only one icon is shown in either case!

14    mailspring_exports_1.ComponentRegistry.register(SmallAvatar, { role: 'ThreadListIcon' });

There’s a comment on line 15 suggesting someone else is aware of the issue and inserted a hack that doesn’t seem to work properly! :roll_eyes:


I couldn’t find a way to remove the avatar. :sweat_smile: Please help!

Heh. You have to remove the plugin - a process for which there are no instructions I can see! I found the plugin directory within the application directory using the file manager (for me, on Linux, I think it was in ~/snap/mailspring/common/packages) and deleted it manually, and Mailspring was fine afterwards. :grin:

Of course. Why didn’t I think of that :man_facepalming: Thanks a lot

Hi @christophlandon ,

Would be great if you could share your CSS file to help the rest of us! :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but on Linux ( PureOS / Debian ) my icons are not aligned by default. Icons are too high and intersecting with the star button. Also, some icons (specifically paypal) do not appear to be scaling correctly.

I tried to tinker with the CSS by toggling developer tools but no changes with the icon positions seem to work - I could very well be doing something wrong. Any suggestions welcome.