Mailspring can open any arbitrary web page


I was quite shocked when I clicked an email link and thought that the link would open in external web browser, but it didn’t happened. I was just checking my github emails.There was a link to a github page and link opened right in a new mailspring window. From there window I was able to open Youtube and even jumped into google search page and rest is history.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to any email in external links in that.
  2. Click on that link.
  3. It opens in a new mailspring window

Expected Behavior

Link should open in external web browser



  • OS and Version: Ubuntu LTS 20.04, 5.4.0-53-generic
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.8-13635bcf

(Originally posted by RonBis on GitHub.)

This is indeed odd! I also am on Ubuntu 20.04 and Mailspring 1.8.0, but I’m not experiencing this. There must be an additional component to the cause.

@RonBis: Do you have a web browser set in Default Applications on your system?

@CodeMouse92 Oh, yes I have default browser set in my ubuntu.

Thanks for the reply, @RonBis. (I’ve also reassigned the original post in this topic to you.)

A few more questions:

  1. Did you originally install from the Snap or Debian? Does it happen on one, but not the other?
  2. Is this still occurring with Mailspring 1.8.0?
  3. Just in case it’s connected, what’s your default browser?


Side note: could this be related? Links not working · Issue #1471 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub


  1. I had installed Mailspring using apt.
  2. I am not using Mailspring anymore… But regarding this I think I should download it one-more time and check if this is happening.
  3. Now my default browser is brave.(Back then, when opening the issue my default browser was google chrome)

EDIT: I am not using ubuntu 20.04 LTS anymore…
I am using Manjaro now

How can I download Mailspring for manjaro?

Someone from the community just packaged for Arch-based distros like Manjaro. See: For those installing on an arch based distribution

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