Mailspring Launches Itself


Mailspring launches itself and nothing can be clicked except the close. It does not retrieve new emails.

Expected Behavior

I expect the program to start only when I start it.


  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Pro Build 19041.928
    • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1-30ef802f

Is this perhaps the bug you’re experiencing with nothing being clickable?

Mailspring does have an option, which might already be enabled in your case, to autostart on system start. That, combined with the aforementioned bug, may be the cause of this.

No, everything looks normal on the screen, just nothing can be selected: emails, options, etc. The “X” to close is the only working thing. It has not downloaded the newest mail.

I believe, however, that I may have found the issue. I think there may have been a duplicate instance of the executable still running that maybe didn’t get killed previously. I noticed it after looked at Task Manager during another “task”.

Thanks for your reply. Hopefully this is a non-bug.

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Just wanted to report that I’ve fixed the issue… by switching email clients. I appreciate the free use of Mailspring and understand that there is very little support for non-premium users, but I don’t think there should be a dozen Mailspring processes running in Windows even when the program is closed.

I’m sorry to hear Mailspring did not work well for you. Please understand, we do not have different support priority levels for free and paid users; we simply have extremely limited development time, as all our developers work on this in their spare time. We simply can’t get to everything quickly.

Hopefully we’ll be able to resolve this bug in the near future. We’re still looking to see if someone else can confirm this bug, which is an important diagnostic step.