Matcha Theme for Mailspring

Mailspring Matcha Theme

My adaptation of Matcha GTK theme suited for Mailspring.

The original Matcha theme is work of Vince - check his awesome piece of work in Matcha GTK repository. Kudos for the author for a wonderful theme and inspiration!

I use it personally with Matcha GTK Theme for Gnome and it looks pretty well. However, if you notice anything could be fixed, please don’t hesitate to post the issue on the issues board. Thanks in advance!


Download and installation

Feel free to grab it from my Github! You can download the source in a zip archive or clone the repo:

$ git clone

Paste the mailspring-theme-matcha folder with the content of the repo into packages directory inside your Mailspring installation (in case of Linux it’s ~/.config/Mailspring, switch the theme in Mailspring and you’re ready to rock :slight_smile: You can find out more in the repository!

Ahhhh, this is so pretty! :sunglasses: I really like the accent colors. Thanks for this.

I upvoted your theme. :smiley: Be sure to encourage your users to do that; it improves your ranking in the Themes index.

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Sticking around for the dark version :heart_eyes:


For mac os just click Mailspring/Install Theme

I have a dark version here, though not a fork from the above:


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You should post that in a separate topic here in Themes, so people can vote separately. I’ve added you to the Plugin Developers group so you can.

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Ohh, cool! Will post it :sunglasses:

nice theme i like dark version

Love the theme, thanks!

Is there an easy way to change the font size of the folder/mailbox names? It’s a bit larger than other themes and I prefer it a bit smaller.

That’s great to hear you like the theme! :slight_smile:

As for the font size though, there’s no other way rather than hacking the theme’s CSS files. I’ve scaled the text up a bit so it matches the sidebar’s text size in Nautilus’ with Matcha GTK Theme applied.